Why Art?

Trauma & Art


Healing Arts Program
We provide  opportunities for girls to find freedom and healing through art and community.


Everhome has a vision for healing. Our Syrian friends have come to the U.S. desperately wanting to start over and forget the tragic experiences they have survived. But we know forgetting is impossible. This is where art plays a role. The arts can assist in the healing process, enabling them to express their complex feelings and painful memories so that moving forward is possible.

Survivors of trauma greatly benefit from having creative tools like color, movement and sound to express what can’t be put in words. According to research, the impact of trauma on the brain indicates a need for healing to occur in both the left and right sides of the brain. This is why art makes a powerful difference. 

Everhome uses an arts-based program intentionally designed to help in the development of identity, emotional regulation and healthy interpersonal relationships. In both San Diego and Lebanon, these "First Aid Art" concepts are making a difference. We understand that physical wounds need proper care to heal. What may be less obvious is that emotional wounds do too. Beating a drum or coloring a picture brings healing care to a wounded heart. 

Not only can art be part of the healing process but it provides common ground for connecting with people of differing cultures and with God. It’s a great tool for overcoming obstacles and getting to the heart. Art helps hurt people come home.